Happy Holidays!

I'm happy we are able to continue our holiday letter tradition. Thanks to last year’s overwhelming response, from you our family of patients, we created this wonderful solution.

I am incredibly excited about what we have accomplished this past year. In the forefront of current events, you might have heard the cost of health care is escalating while insurance reimbursement is decreasing. Admittedly, due to hijinks in Washington and our State Capital, our organization hit the rocks early this year. By immediately calling together our leadership team, we set the course for an amazing recovery and, yes, an expansion of our organization and the services we offer.


We kicked the year off with NJCPT moving into its new location where the design of the state-of-the-art facility centers around your health and the health of the environment. Already our solar production has reduced our carbon footprint by 25 tons -- that’s the equivalent of what 745 trees can process in a year! The grounds, now overflowing with native plants and shrubs, includes our meadow which is creating a flourishing habitat for wildlife. Please visit us and see the growth at 69 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Riverdale.

In addition to Metabolic, Prenatal/Postpartum, Cardiac and Cancer Rehabilitation, we have integrated Virtual Reality, Cryotherapy, Therapeutic Yoga, and Pilates into our treatment program.

And now, more of us can do even more for you!

  • Dr. Danielle Rayder and Dr. Michelle Rooney became Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

  • Dr. Nick Mangone became a Performance Enhancement Specialist.

  • Dr. Heidi Tinter, Certified Pilates Instructor, is now heading up our Pilates program.

  • Dr. Amanda Montalvo succeeded in completing an intensive yoga certification to develop our Therapeutic Yoga Program.

  • After earning her credentials as a Geriatric Certified Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist, Dr. Tammy McHugh launched our Falls Prevention Program.

  • Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and NJCPT Clinic Coordinator, Kayla Anderson, has taken our Functional Movement Screening (FMS) program on the road. Our doctors and ATCs have donated their time and expertise to help hundreds of athletes increase their safety and performance.

  • Dr. Cat Andrasko is evaluating DorsaVi wearable sensor technology which identifies the quality of a patient’s movements to create next level treatment plans.

  • Vice President Dr. Phil Lombardo is now a MovNat Certified Trainer. He was the first to introduce this natural movement based strength and fitness program to New Jersey.

Dr. Rayder

Dr. Rooney

Dr. Mangone

Dr. Tinter

Dr. Montalvo

Dr. McHugh

Kayla Anderson

Dr. Andrasko

Dr. Lombardo

You know how incredibly proud I am of my team’s achievements and dedication.


I was especially thrilled to recognize their efforts with these well-deserved promotions. Much celebration was had in all of our offices as I appointed our President, Dr. Gary Struble, to oversee all aspects of our business and patient care and Dr. Mike Klejmont, Clinic Manager at NJCPT, as Vice President.


Now leading our teams are Dr. Catherine (Cat) Andrasko and Dr. Amanda Montalvo, our Clinic Managers at MPT and WOPT, respectively. Supporting our Clinic Managers are Dr. Bryan Barker (MPT), Dr. Femi Betiku (NJCPT), Dr. Michelle Rooney (WOPT) and Dr. Nick Mangone (WOPT),​ and Dr. Joanna (Jo) Scaglione (NJCPT)​ who earned promotions to Assistant Clinic Managers.


Our administrative leadership team has also grown.  Kristina Mercer was promoted to Organizational Office Manager and Tracy Golding to Assistant Organizational Office Manager. Regina Milazzo is now our Head of Administrative Advancement. Kristen Cuccaro and Caitlin Feeney stepped up into the role of Client Care Managers. Caitlin also assists as our as our Reimbursement Liaison, Michele Jackson is at your service as our first Insurance Analytics Manager, and Rob Suhai has been promoted to Reimbursement Manager, advocating for all of our patients. Brittney Rosenkrans was promoted to Organizational Clinic Director and Patrick Higgins has taken on the role of Property Manager for each of our locations.

Dr. Struble

Dr. Klejmont

Dr. Andrasko

Dr. Montalvo

Dr. Barker

Dr. Betiku

Dr. Rooney

Dr. Mangone

Dr. Scaglione

Kristina Mercer

Tracy Golding

Regina Milazzo

Kristen Cuccaro

Caitlin Feeney

Michele Jackson

Rob Suhai

Brittney Rosenkrans

Patrick Higgins

Anthony Bufi

Patients are achieving incredible results and enjoying their lives even more!


The greatest reward in our profession is the opportunity to see first-hand the outcomes we can create for people’s health and well-being. We celebrate every milestone for each of our patients, and we are so happy to join in the excitement as you reach your goals. I’d like to share some of that inspiration with you through a few success stories from this year.

Abby is a Division-1 hurdler prospect for Oklahoma University (OU). She came to NJCPT with a hip labral tear and repair. She was devastated when her injury prevented her from finishing her junior year spring season. Dr. Amanda Montalvo’s skilled use of myofascial release, Mulligan mobilizations, and Kinesiotaping has provided Abby with a full recovery leaving her stronger than before her injury. Abby can’t wait for spring season track this year and eagerly awaits a response from admissions at OU.

Mimi, an inspiring 22-year-old woman with epilepsy, is recovering from a month-long coma that left her unable to walk. With perseverance and the expertise of Dr. Danielle Rayder, Mimi is now walking again with minimal assistance. Many patients at POPT have witnessed Mimi's recovery and are astonished by her progress. Currently, she’s working on independence with stairs and other home/self-care activities.

Andrew had his parents concerned he wasn’t meeting his baby milestones, so they came to MPT. Dr. Catherine Andrasko designed a therapy plan just for Andrew to advance him from sitting with assistance to zooming around the clinic at 18-months-old. He loved spending time with Dr. Cat while she taught him the skills to crawl, pull himself up to stand, cruise, stand on his own, and finally how to walk.

John fell and broke his femur after 93 years of staying active and independent. He had to rely on a walker and others to drive him around. He had accepted this as the new normal until he came to WOPT. After only six weeks of skilled physical therapy, John was overjoyed with his achievements. Now confident and steady on his feet, John can walk safely without any assistance, is back to driving and, most importantly, taking his girlfriend out on dates.

Steve is a biochemical engineer, ski patrol expert, and scuba instructor who leads scuba search and rescue teams, too. After he tore his ACL on the slopes, he came to NJCPT to reach his recovery goal - to hike up a mountain with a 25-pound pack on his back. In addition to challenging him with extensive agility and return-to-ski protocols using battle ropes and the balance beam, Dr. Melanie Eskin inspired Steve to enhance his recovery by walking a mile to and from NJCPT each visit with a 25-pound pack on his back.

Imani thought her collegiate soccer career was over just as it was beginning. She’s a very active college student who came to WOPT when she was having trouble with her lower back and knee. She was in so much discomfort that she wasn't able to run or even sit through her classes. Thanks to the expert care of Dr. Michelle Rooney and her utilization of manual therapy, joint mobilizations and, Imani’s favorite, the Hypersphere, she is now playing soccer at Montclair State University and attending classes pain-free. Imani was also a winner of our Comeback Athlete scholarship award this year. 

We have provided valuable assessments and education to more than 200 seniors who have attended our Falls Screening and Prevention programs at local senior centers and health fairs. Dr. Tammy McHugh is raising awareness among older adults and their caregivers about the seriousness of falls and simple ways to reduce fall risk.

Blazing new trails...

We’re honored to join the fight to knock out childhood cancer and obesity. Professional boxer, former middleweight champ, and Osteosarcoma survivor, Daniel Jacobs, of the Get in the Ring Foundation, has chosen The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy as the Foundation’s preferred physical therapy provider. Our doctors will provide expert care and consultation to help these families on their journey to living happy and healthy lives.

Our Environmental Team, Restore Native Plants (RNP), continues to accomplish their mission to create habitat for wildlife by cultivating more than 38,000 native plants including the rare 100 percent American Chestnut. We have also created a haven for more than 130 Monarch butterflies. In partnership with the NY/NJ Trail Conference, we’ve increased efforts to remove invasive plant species, which diminish native plant communities; and with the help of volunteers, we have removed more than 400 bags of trash from Ramapo Mountain State Park. Next, RNP plans to extend its mission to wildlife rehabilitation. You can stay up-to-date or get involved at the website.

Did you know we have a real estate division? Oaktree Realty is celebrating its fifth and best year yet. Clients receive the same unparalleled service that you receive in our clinics while selling or purchasing homes or leasing commercial properties, including prime office space at our Riverdale location. Also, please join me in congratulating our Environmental Team’s Jayson Hajek as our newest Oaktree licensed realtor.

This year marks a new start for our fitness club, Axiom, in Montville. At Axiom, we keep it simple by offering memberships without long-term contracts and sign-up fees. We’re focused on removing any hurdle standing in the way of your fitness. The Club is ideal for a range of people, from patients transitioning from treatment to serious athletes who want to train in a setting offering the best in high-performance fitness.

As you know, we like to pay our good fortune forward. This year we will be kicking off our holiday drives just as you’re reading this letter. Please find it in your heart to drop off some animal shelter supplies, such as food or bedding, or a gift for Toys for Tots at our offices to join us in spreading holiday cheer.


Speaking of animal shelters, I’m also happy to share that through the years we’ve sponsored close to 100 pet adoptions through our Adopt-A-Pet Program, in which we reimburse up to $300 in adoption fees for our past and present patients who adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue.


The new year will bring more excitement with the completion of a major renovation to WOPT. We’re opening up the space by elevating the ceiling and bringing nature in with large picture windows. Redesigns for Montville and Paramus are next. We’re pumped about opening the Axiom Performance and Recovery Lab in the Riverdale location.


Combining CryoRevive’s cryotherapy and cutting-edge modalities, the Lab is a one-stop-shop for individuals and teams to accelerate athletic performance and enhance recovery, plus the opportunity for injury-prevention screenings.


We’ve had such a wonderful year and continue to look forward to the next thanks to you, our family of patients. To show our appreciation, I’d like to offer you a gift of wellness this holiday, which you can select below. Thank you for supporting us!  We, in turn, will continue to provide unmatched physical therapy care and promise always to do so.

Warm Regards,

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